NOSA-ITACA results from the integration of the finite element code NOSA with the open source interactive graphic code SALOME, used both to define the geometry of the structure under examination and to visualise the results of the structural analysis.

NOSA-ITACA can be used to study the static and dynamic behaviour of masonry buildings of historic and architectural interest and model the effectiveness of strengthening operations. The code is at the disposal of private and public bodies operating in the field of the conservation and safeguarding of the cultural heritage.

Creation of the mesh of the vault of Palazzo Franchetti in Pisa (Italy)

Stress and cracking fields of the Maddalena bridge in Borgo a Mozzano, Lucca (Italy)

Two mode shapes of the San Frediano bell tower in Lucca (Italy)

Stress fields in the dome of San Cerbone Cathedral in Massa Marittima, Grosseto (Italy)

If you use the software, please cite it as follows:

M. Girardi, C. Padovani, D. Pellegrini,  The NOSA-ITACA code for the safety assessment of ancient constructions: A case study in Livorno, Adv. in Eng. Softw., 89 (2015), pp. 64-76

M. Girardi, C. Padovani, D. Pellegrini,  L. Robol, Model Updating Procedure to Enhance Structural Analysis in FE Code NOSA-ITACA , J. Perform. Constr. Facil., 2019, 33(4): 04019041


NOSA-ITACA 1.1a is a software product of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures Laboratory of ISTI-CNR (herein MMSLab of ISTI-CNR), distributed via the website. The downloadable package includes SALOME v8.3.0, and is available for Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. To use the package unzip it to a directory and launch the nosaitaca script.

If you want to make the nosaitaca executable available everywhere paste the following lines inside the .profile file in your home directory.

# Path to the NOSA-ITACA launched
export PATH=/path/to/NOSA-ITACA-1.1a-UB14.04:$PATH


NOSA-ITACA v.1.1c- Ubuntu 14.04


NOSA-ITACA v.1.1c – Ubuntu 16.04






The package is released under the conditions in the above license.

Note: Running NOSA on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 is not (yet) officially supported, but you may use the package for Ubuntu 16.04, provided that you install a few additional compatibility packages. We have prepared a script for setting up these additional dependencies, which you may run by typing into a terminal the following code

chmod a+x ./


download-buttonTutorial 1: modal analysis of a reinforced concrete structure (


download-buttonTutorial 2: linear elastic analysis of a reinforced concrete structure (


download-buttonTutorial 3: nonlinear static analysis of a masonry barrel vault (


download-buttonTutorial 4: nonlinear static analysis of a masonry church (,,,



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