ICT technologies for structural monitoring of age-old constructions based on wireless sensor networks and drones

Period: April 2016 – October 2018
Coordinator: Infomobility S.r.l.
Partners: Infomobility S.r.l., Engineering Italy Solutions S.r.l., ISTI-CNR (“Mechanics of Materials and Structures”, “Wireless networks” and “Signals and Images” laboratories), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering – University of Florence
Project website:
Contact: Maria Girardi
Keywords: masonry buildings, static and dynamic analysis, operational modal analysis, dynamic identification, numerical codes, monitoring, wireless sensors.

The project is aimed at studying and developing integrated techniques for monitoring, analysis and maintenance of age-old masonry constructions. These techniques will be based on wireless sensor networks (accelerometers, extensometers, thermometers, inclinometers, etc.) and innovative numerical tools. The monitoring systems and the techniques for the dynamical identification will be tested on some monumental buildings of the Tuscan cultural heritage.

Italian RepublicRegion of TuscanyUnderdeveloped Areas Fund
Funded by the Region of Tuscany (FAR FAS)